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Academic Support Services

The Valley Christian Schools Student Academic Services Program affirms and honors the uniqueness of every student in order to "Unfold the Promise" God has for his or her life.

In order to provide all students with a positive and rewarding educational experience, students may be recommended for Student Academic Services at any time, although referral procedures and available accommodations vary slightly at each of our schools.

In our elementary school, middle school, and high school, we address diagnosed learning disabilities, other educational issues, or a documented need for educational support.

Our program serves approximately 10% of the overall student population. Accommodations are tailored to meet individual needs and are implemented by teachers and support staff.

A 504 Plan of Classroom Accommodations at any grade level may include: preferential seating, lesson presentation geared for unique learning style, extended time on tests, tests administered orally, or tests read aloud or rephrased.

Elementary School Discovery Center Program
Middle School Academic Support Program
High School Academic Support Program

Valley Christian Schools Commitment

In the light of the Lordship of Jesus Christ
and the authority of God's word, we will educate each unique student in cooperation with the Christian community so that he or she is equipped and inspired to make a difference
for Jesus Christ in the world.

Valley Christian Schools strives for excellence in Christian education by partnering with Christian parents to meet individual student needs. Valley Christian Schools was founded in 1935 on the concept of parental involvement. Our schools are an extension of Christian family life, and we take seriously our obligation to be partners with parents in providing the best possible education for our students.  From Preschool through high school graduation, Valley Christian Schools is dedicated to bringing every student to his or her highest potential:  academically, socially and spiritually.