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Preparing for iPad Distribution

Now that all iPads will be purchased through Valley, the setup process has been greatly stream-lined. The iPads are configured and ready for your student, right out of the box. We will provide you with a username and password and the iPad will set itself up!  

It is important for each family to invest in a good iPad case.  A good case will protect your iPad and help ensure that it is ready for school.  With Valley now offering several models and types of iPads, be sure to know the type of iPad you purchased and verify that the case will work well with that iPad.  A helpful hint with purchasing iPads, is that often has the best prices, but BestBuy will honor their prices, if you bring them into a local BestBuy store.

Do I have to purchase a specific case? Not exactly, but your case really should meet these minimum requirements:

  • The case must provide significant protection for all 4 corners and edges of the iPad.
  • The case must close securely, and not be prone to opening by accident
  • The front corners and rim of the case should keep the iPad glass from resting flat on a table when placed face down.

Front protection and/or a screen cover is optional, but can be beneficial. Beware bad screen covers, though!

Here are just a few cases we recommend that meet the requirements above.

iPad Air2 Cases: 

SUPCASE-Unicorn Beetle Pro Series ($14.99-$15.99-NO stand/front cover)

Otterbox Defender Series ($90-includes stand/front cover)

LifeProof -Nüüd Case ($120)

ZAGG Rugged Book Case-Hinged with detachable backlit keyboard ($150)

iPad Pro 9.7" Cases:
Suppose Unicorn Beetle Pro Series for iPad Pro 9.7"  ($25-includes a stand, but no front cover)
OtterBox Defender Series for iPad Pro 9.7"  ($65-$90 Great all around protection, includes stand and front cover) 
Gumdrop Cases for iPad Pro 9.7"  ($60 Great protection and includes stand, but no front cover). 
Last Modified on August 25, 2016