Biblical Worldview

  • Worldview shapes who we are, how we believe, and what we do. For over eighty years, Valley Christian has taught a view of God's world through the lens of His word. Our foundation in the Reformed Tradition informs us that we don't avoid the world, we see it as it is; created by God. We know we are to understand it and work toward the redemption of all things through Jesus Christ. Our view of the world is based in what we know about the eternal God through His Word.
    Reformed education doesn't "integrate" God's Word into curriculum, but considers God's truth to be integral to all we study and experience. Conversations about God aren't sequestered to a Bible class. They're part of all we do as we go. Based on this, a VCS student will dive into conversations about mathematical formulas and human anatomy and see God's intricate order in all things. We pick up instruments to play or put fingers to clay experiencing creative community with God. We look deeply into history and literature to see God's distinct hand and His story. 
    The beauty of Reformed education especially relative to public education, is that Reformed schooling provides great freedom to explore all of God's creation with great depth and without compartmentalizing faith in the process. It is a truly whole approach to learning.
    Families, our Board, Administrators, Teachers and Staff at Valley Christian believe we are in partnership with the church and parents to participate in the equipping and inspiring of lifelong disciples following the call of Christ. We take great joy in watching God's eternal promises unfold as a student's facility with truth takes root.
Last Modified on February 10, 2016