Academics at Valley Christian Preschool

  • Children learn as they naturally discover. In this way, academics, in the early childhood years, are a key part of developmental learning. The structure provided in our daily schedule and loving teacher leadership, is so important.

    You'll want to know these details:

    • We offer full day and half day schedules
    • Children are guided in Christian character development with Bible scriptures as the basis for learning
    • We focus on hands-on learning through reading, home living, science, writing, blocks and other manipulatives
    • We offer developmentally appropriate themes
    • Children develop and learn at their own pace - we give them space to grow
    • We offer a well balanced program of academics, art, music, science, and physical development
    • We focus on the individual child’s development

    Discovery Preschool - Ages 2.5 years and up, until they are potty trained. Potty training is a part of this program. As these children see their peers master potty training, they are inspired to do it themselves, too. Ratio 1:6 (1 adult for every 6 children). Children typically master potty training in this class and they are able to do so at their own pace.

    They focus on learning how to live in community by taking turns and following a routine that includes hands-on emphasis on language development.  The environment emphasizes outdoor activities, as well as the beginning of ABC’s, numbers and shape recognition in a fun and active space. Language skills and verbal expression are emphasized through learning centers, interactive play and socialization with peers. The classroom is set up to accommodate our very young three-year-olds as we focus more on language development, attention span and independent routines.

    The Busy Bees - Older 3's/Younger 4's - Ratio 1:12 (1 adult for every 12 children) Children are making choices in various classroom-learning centers that challenge them to explore on their own or with peers.  Number and letter recognition, art and music experiences, science experiments, small and large muscle development, along with a strong emphasis on social skills are found daily in this classroom.  Children will begin to print, recognize the alphabet and learn simple and basic math concepts.  In addition, the children will begin to memorize scripture verses and simple poems.  These children are learning more responsibilities and have more structure in their hands-on learning environment.  Fun, freedom to explore, and the ability to achieve are indicators that these children will be ready for the next steps in our Fantastic 4's and 5's classroom. 

    The Fantastic 4's and 5's Pre-Kindergarten Class - This class is offered to the preschool child that will be eligible to enter kindergarten the following year because they will turn 5 years old by September 1. Children in the class are beginning to master printing their names, recognizing letters, numbers, six basic shapes, skills for pre-reading and pre-math, as well as broadening their vocabulary. They will mature in areas of social, emotional and spiritual character allowing them to work in teams and bond with friends. These children will test for kindergarten readiness in the spring and all children leaving the preschool will either join Valley Christian TK or Kindergarten in fall.

    In all classrooms, teachers will prepare Quarterly "Watch Me Grow" reports documenting each child's developmental progress. These valuable reports can share milestones and progress each stage of development.  Weekly Newsletters inform parents of the curriculum introduced and practiced throughout the week as well as special events that will be taking place.