What parents need to know

  • This page is designed to provide details about how we will work together to operate a safe and happy preschool. This is your one-stop area for informaion from where to enter and exit campus to our lunch and nap procedures. 

    TOURS: We'd love to offer you and your child the opportunity to visit, play with others and experience hands-on activities and fun. Our qualified and caring staff welcome you with open arms to enjoy first-hand what we have to offer. Contact our director, Sara Ramirez at sramirez@vcschools.org or 562/263-3030 to arrange a personal one-on-one visit.

    Although the Valley Christian Schools bus system is not available to our preschoolers, if your family also has children in grades 1 - 12 at VCS, you may take advantage of one pick up location in the afternoon. Our Encounter Campus preschool facility is located about 1 mile from our elementary school, middle school and high school campuses. The preschool parking lot is a bus stop for the older children in your family who may ride the bus from our other campuses. Parents must be at the preschool when the bus arrives to collect their older children.

    Parent Drop off & Pick up Procedures

    DRESS CODE: Our preschool children are not asked to wear uniforms. Rather we encourage children to wear comfortable play clothes that allow them to explore, run and jump without fear of being messy or being restricted to move.  

    LUNCH BUNCH DAYS: Lunch bunch days are established 2 times each month in an effort to allow our part-time children to join their friends for lunch. We encourage the children to bring their lunch and enjoy an extra 30 minutes on those days to socialize over lunch with their teachers and friends. Lunch bunch days are posted on our school calendar. Times include: 12:00 Pick-up for AM Part-time children (rather than the regular 11:30am). 

    EARTHQUAKE PREPARATION: For earthquake and disaster preparation, each family is required to bring the following items in gallon zip lock bags labeled with your child's name: 4 1/2 oz. pull top cans of tuna, fruit, pudding, beans, meat, etc. 6 or 8 oz. cans of juice or bottled water Granola or breakfast type bars (please, no chocolate) Small packages of tissue or hand wipes Plastic spoons or forks Sweatshirt or solar blanket (available at sporting goods stores) 1 picture of your family 1 note from mom and/or dad to comfort and reassure your child.

    VCPS LATE PICK-UP FEE: The fee for late pick-up (after 11:30am for part-time children and after 6:00pm for full day children) is $1.00 per minute. We understand that situations do arise from time to time and graciously offer 2 late pick-ups for this reason, however, a continual pattern suggests a full day status for your child may be the best option.

    CHANGE OF PRESCHOOL ATTENDANCE SCHEDULE: Schedule changes that are requested by a parent must be approved by the Preschool Director in an effort to assure availability of the opening. The schedule change form is to be signed by the parent and Preschool Director before the Business Office can make an adjustment. All changes will take place on the 1st of the next month (example: a request made and approved on Feb. 12 will become effective on March 1)