Multiage Classrooms- because it's not just what you learn, it's how you learn.



    In Multiage we believe children learn best when they use their individual learning styles to acquire information. This is enhanced within a diverse community of ages and interests. Additionally students have 1-to-1 time with teachers and parents who facilitate learning.

    Here's what we continue to see: given responsibility to gather knowledge, and freedom to choose learning activities, students go deeper than would have been required or expected. Learning is therefore, authentic and meaningful. With thirteen years of solid, measurable success in helping students take their education to their personal best, the VCS Multiage classrooms are a unique educational and social opportunity for every child. In a nutshell, the multiage classrooms provide a high-level, personalized education.


    Our multiage teacher Mrs. Davis, began teaching as a multiage teacher at Orangethorpe Elementary in Fullerton, California.

    Orangethorpe Multiage Program in the News

    Orangethorpe Multiage Classrooms Celebrate 40 years

    February 25th, 2020 

    Parents & Students Info Meeting


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    • an overview of our proven philosophy on how students learn best, and

    • testimonials from current and former parents and students about their experiences and how it impacted their learning in middle school, high school, and even college.


    Multiage Video

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    Valley Christian School’s multiage classrooms are an alternative style of education. We are blessed to offer one classroom in this teaching style: Kindergarten through 3rd. Both classrooms offer a personalized, child-centered learning environment for students. In this classroom, students are continually nurtured and challenged to reach their highest potential as they develop academically, spiritually, socially and emotionally.

    Our Philosophy

    Our classrooms are based on the philosophy that children learn best when they acquire knowledge by means of their unique style of learning as a part of a diverse community that includes children of varying ages and parent volunteers. In our multiage classes, the teacher acts as a facilitator, challenging and encouraging each child to reach for their highest potential while not being limited to their academic grade level.

    It is our belief that when we give children the responsibility for their educational endeavors and provide the freedom to choose activities, topics of research and other educational pursuits of interest to them, their learning is more meaningful and authentic. By holding them accountable for their choices, we instill independence in and responsibility for their learning.  We often see children go much deeper into a subject area than we would have required or expected.  Our goal is to create lifelong learners who are excited about learning.

    Here is what parents are saying....

    “The multiage class embraces the whole child allowing them to be challenged and to learn through their own interests and creativity.”

    “Each child’s learning process is respected.”

    “Students become empowered by taking responsibility for their learning.”

    “As a parent, I have seen students with different learning levels and difficulties blossom in the multiage class.”

    “Kids in the multiage class develop time management skills...”

     Student working with Parent   Young students reading comfortably Teacher, parent and student working together. Learning in a comfortable way.