Capital Campaign

  • Math and Sicence Buildings New Frontage of Valley Christian Schools
    Two new buildings were completed at the high school campus in 2008: A Math & Science Center with 4 science labs, 5 math classrooms, and an academic support center, and an adjacent Student Services Building housing an expanded College & Career guidance center, student support services, and consolidated administration/faculty offices.
    It's not too late to participate!

    We have cash and pledges of $6.5 million, and we still need a million more to finish paying off the two new high school buildings. As God blesses you, we hope and pray that you will be excited to invest in the most extreme campus improvement in the 50 year history of the high school in Cerritos! Over 1,000 individuals, families, and companies have donated so far. We still need more donors, and it would be terrific if previous donors could contribute again!

    What is the big tower?

    The 43 foot high tower marks the new entrance gateway to the high school and the lighted cross proclaims day and night our allegiance to Jesus Christ. A donor gifted the 36 tons of special dolomite limestone blocks directly from a quarry in Jerusalem used on the exterior facing of the tower and the new gateway entrance to the high school.

    Here's how you can impact the future!
    • Download this form to send a donation or make a personal pledge
    • See if your employer has a Matching Gift Program which could DOUBLE the amount of your donation!
    • Donate stock, receiving a tax donation for the appreciated amount, instead of selling it and owing capital gains taxes. Contact development director Chris Wybenga for details at or (562)865-0281x254.