A Day in the Life of a Kindergarten Student at VCES

  • 8:00 – “Have a great day!” says my bus driver as I get off the big, yellow bus at Valley Christian Elementary School. I walk down the hall towards my playground area. I see some of my friends are already there playing. I run to join them.

    8:15 – The bell just rang and my teacher is waiting for me with a smile on her face. She is always so happy to see me. I can’t wait to tell her about my baseball game last night. I get settled into my seat and we start our day the best way – by talking to Jesus!

    8:30 – We get to hear a Bible story now. I love hearing about God’s love for us. Shh! Teacher is starting a story about Joseph and his brothers.

    9:00 – Now it is time for centers. This is my favorite time of the day. I wonder what I will get to do today? Will I work with a teacher? Or maybe I will do some writing. Or maybe it is my day to work on the computers or go to the play center. They are all so fun!

    9:45 – Recess! I love playing on our playground. My mom and dad say that I am lucky to have a playground with so much grass on it. I just like all the toys there are to climb on.

    10:15 – It is time to hear a story now, so I am going to find my place on the rug. Teacher just told us that after story we would be learning some more about reading words. That means we will be working in our letter books. After that we get to go to P.E.!

    11:00 – Wow! I am getting tired! Mrs. Looney our P.E. teacher is teaching us about the rules of dodge ball. It is so much fun! Mrs. Looney is just one of our special teachers. Sometimes we get to see Miss Grebow our music teacher, or Mrs. Hamady our art teacher, or Mrs. Van Dyk our librarian. They are all so nice and they all help me a lot.

    11:30 – It is a good thing it is lunchtime because I am hungry. Mom signed me up to get a hot lunch today. I hope it is pizza day! After lunch, we get a long time to play outside.

    12:30 – After we are done with recess, we come inside and hear another story. Now I am learning about numbers in math. We will be playing a game soon, so I had better listen to the directions!

    1:00 – It is center time again! This time I am so lucky! I get to work on a special art project. I even get to paint! Some of my friends are playing math games and some are doing a science experiment.

    2:00 – After center time is finished, we get to go out for recess and then have a snack. Now we are getting ready to have Kindergarten Café. It is really fun! We get to make something special to eat that matches something we are learning about. Today we get to use peanut butter, bagels and chocolate chips to make brown bear bagels to go along with our brown week.

    2:45 –Teacher just prayed and we get to go home now. Tomorrow will be another special day in kindergarten!