NHS Application Process

  • If students are eligible to apply for National Honor Society, they will receive an invitation in the mail shortly after first semester grades are finalized. The invitation will include:

    • N.H.S. Guidelines
    • Where to find the application online
    • Application due date and turn-in location

    Only those applications received by the due date and fully completed will be eligible for membership. (New members have an additional paragraph to write on the application.)

    Once the N.H.S. advisors have reviewed all the applications, they will meet with the Faculty Academic Council. The Council votes to accept or deny members based on the National Honor Society requirements. The advisors do NOT have any say in accepting or denying applications. After this meeting, applicants who were not immediately accepted will receive letters (see below) regarding their admittance status.

    Types of Letters

    Probation – Students who are continuing members may be placed on probation at the discretion of the Faculty Council because they have not met one of the N.H.S. requirements. Students must meet the requirement by the end of the semester or they will be dismissed from N.H.S. (For example, a cumulative GPA lower than a 3.5.) A second infraction will result in dismissal.

    Dismissal – Students who were N.H.S. members but did not turn in an application or did not meet one or more of the N.H.S. requirements may be dismissed from N.H.S. These students may file a letter of appeal (see below) in order to be considered for reinstatement.

    Denial – Students will be denied membership or continuing membership if they are lacking in any of the N.H.S. requirements. These students may file a letter of appeal (see below) in order to be reconsidered for membership. 

    Letter of Appeal – If current or prospective NHS members are dismissed or denied but disagree with the assessment of the Faculty Council, they may file a letter of appeal. This letter should be addressed to Ms. Snoeyink, and it needs to explain why the student is worthy of N.H.S. with regards to the reason the student was denied N.H.S. membership. For example, if the student did not show sufficient service on the application, the student must include all of his/her service activities in this letter AND reasons why these activities were not properly included on the application. Letters and/or signatures from those who were in charge of the activities should also be included.  Submitting a letter of appeal does not guarantee membership.

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