NHS Guidelines

  • Admittance into N.H.S. is determined by the Faculty Academic Council based on how well a student demonstrates the four N.H.S. criteria of Scholarship, Leadership, Character, and Service on the survey forms that must be completed each year.  A student must meet ALL selection criteria to be considered for acceptance into the National Honor Society.

    SELECTION CRITERIA (all required)

    1. Must be in grade 10, 11, or 12

    2. A cumulative GPA of 3.5 or above (GPA is taken after semester exams)

    3. Current involvement in at least one extra curricular activity at school with at least one signature from the supervising adult

    4. At least 10 community service hours within the last year

    5. Satisfactory completion of character surveys by two teachers

    6. Satisfactory completion of student recommendation form by one community member

    7. No evidence of more than 3 discipline hours in a semester

    8. No instance of cheating on record – if there is one instance prior to eligibility, a one year postponement of membership will occur; if cheating occurs again, the student will forfeit eligibility entirely

    DISMISSAL CRITERIA (only one required)

    1. GPA that drops below the scholastic requirement of 3.5 for more than one semester  (first semester = probation; a second semester = dismissal)

    2. Decline of involvement in community service or extra curricular activities

    3. An instance of cheating while a member

    4. More than 3 discipline hours in a semester

    5. Other evidence of negative character influence

    6. Flagrant violation of school rules or civil laws

    7. Lack of involvement in N.H.S. activities (meetings, service trip, cultural outing)

    8. Missing the induction/awards ceremony (held in the spring)

    9. Failure to turn in N.H.S. forms of any kind by the due date

    *Unfortunately, once dismissed from N.H.S., a student may NOT be reinstated.


    1. Opportunity to apply for the N.H.S. Scholarship

    2. Enhancement of college applications

    3. Attendance at ALL Honor Society meetings and the awards ceremony

    4. Involvement in chapter projects (supporting a child)

    5. Exemplifying N.H.S. ideals of scholarship, leadership, character, and service

    6. Participation in chapter outings (service trip, cultural outing)

    7. Turning all forms in on time

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