Elementary School Discovery Center

  • Valley Christian Elementary School’s Discovery Center provides resource services in:

    • Reading
    • Math
    • Written Language

    Students with identified learning differences receive curricular support and remediation.  We work with alternative methods and materials to focus on individual learning styles.  Students attend daily or several times a week, depending on the services required.  Participation in the program is fluid throughout the school year.

    When testing outcomes indicate that a 504 Plan of Classroom Accommodations is required, the Student Success Team and Discovery Center staff partner with classroom teachers to implement all necessary accommodations.

    Students who attend the Discovery Center daily in lieu of class time are graded by their Discovery Center teacher for those subjects.  At the end of the school year, academic skills tests are administered to each Discovery Center student to document progress.

    Elementary School Discovery Center Procedure:

    1. Following teacher referral, the Student Success Team (SST) meets to consider the student’s educational history, current needs and classroom performance.  The SST includes the student’s classroom teacher(s), Discovery Center staff, the school psychologist and the school principal.

    2. Student assessment takes place through Discovery Center placement testing to determine current skill levels, or through Psychoeducational assessment by the school psychologist.

    3. Based on gathered information and in communication with parents, the SST decides what services and/or accommodations will best address the student’s need.

    4. Advancement from 6th grade to middle school is determined individually, and is at the discretion of the elementary and middle school administrations.