High School Academic Support

  • The High School Academic Support Program provides curricular support for students with identified learning disabilities.  Eligible students may enroll in one Academic Support Study Hall period each semester.  Small class size allows the Academic Support staff to assist students with study skills and class assignments.  Students receive 0.25 credit units per semester and a Pass/Fail grade. 

    High School Academic Support Procedure:

    1. Referral may be made by Parent, Teacher, Administrator, Counselor or Student.

    2. Eligibility for Academic Support class is determined by the school psychologist based on past educational history, along with current testing and documentation of educational needs.  Written documentation must be provided by of the following: 

    (a) the student’s previous educational institution

    (b) a qualified professional in private practice

    (c) a current psychoeducational assessment by the school psychologist.  

Last Modified on February 13, 2019