• Policy Regarding Adding and/or Dropping Classes

    1. The student must continue to attend class and do the course work until he/she receives notification that the request has either been approved or denied.  
    2. A student must always maintain a minimum number of academic courses (six for freshmen, sophomores, and juniors; five for seniors).  Exceptions may be made for students in the Academic Support Program.
    3. ADDING: Students may add a course within the first seven school days of each semester by direct email request.
    4. DROPPING: Students may drop a course during the first seven weeks of the semester with no record on the permanent transcript. Effective 2008, courses dropped during weeks eight to thirteen will result in a withdrawal "W" on the permanent transcript. Courses dropped after week thirteen will result in a failing "F" grade on the permanent transcript. Drops made within the first two weeks of the semester can be made by direct email request. Requests to drop a course after that date must be made in writing using the "Drop Form" (www.vcschools.org/registrationforms) and require a parent signature. Drop forms are also available from the counselors or at the high school office..
    5. Students dropping from an honors version of a course to its regular component may do so even after seven weeks without an F, but will transfer their grade with them.
Last Modified on July 25, 2023