• Question: Where is the link to the application?

    Answer: The link for the current year will be made available once invitations have been mailed.  Once the deadline arrives, the link will be removed again until the following year.

    Question: What does it mean to be involved in a school activity?

    Answer: Being involved in a school activity means being involved in something during the current year.  This could include sports, Bible studies, clubs, musical groups, or any other extra-curricular activity that is NOT REQUIRED as part of a class.  Please refer to the list in the application.

    Question: Do I have to have signatures to verify all of my school activities?

    Answer: Nope.  Just one valid signature from the adult in charge is sufficient.

    Question: Which service hours am I allowed to use?

    Answer: Any church or community service is acceptable unless the service is a requirement for all students (service day in May).  Activities that you complete to fulfill your freshmen, sophomore/junior, or senior service hours are acceptable, as long as the activities occurred within the past year.

    Question: Who should verify my service hours?

    Answer: The adult in charge has to verify your hours.  Parent and/or student signatures will not be accepted.  Separate, attached documents with appropriate signatures are okay if the person who needs to sign cannot be reached.

    Question: If I’m on student council, does my time spent on those requirements/duties count for service hours?

    Answer: Fulfilling your student council requirements/duties does NOT count for service hours.

    Question: What if my cumulative GPA drops below a 3.5 during a semester?

    Answer: Your cumulative GPA is only checked at the end of each semester, so as long as you have a 3.5 or higher at the end of a semester, you will still meet the GPA requirement.