SOAR: Step Out And Respond

  • The VCHS Day of Service - First Friday in May

    Step Out and Respond to God's love by dedicating a half-day to give and receive among our neighbors.

    Junior and Senior Chapel Classes
    CSU Fullerton--Special Games

    The first Friday in May our Juniors and Seniors serve for half a day at the Special Games held at CSU Fullerton.  Juniors and Seniors are able to drive themselves to CSU Fullerton for the event, but a VCHS bus will be provided as well.  Students driving themselves should arrive at CSU Fullerton by 8:00 a.m. Students going on the bus should arrive at the VCHS Attendance Office by 8:00 a.m. Everyone will be free to leave CSUF by noon on that day. Dress code: Juniors and Seniors must wear a VCHS tee shirt or polo for the Special Games.  

    For photos and videos visit:

    CSUF Special Games website

    Service Parent Release

    Freshmen and Sophomores Chapel Classes

    Local Agencies

    Members of the freshmen and sophomore classes serve within their chapel group at a variety of agencies in our local area. Students should plan to be on campus by 8:15 am and report to wherever they normally meet their chapel group. They will return to campus by 11:30 am and then be released for the weekend.

    Listed below are the specific chapel groups and the agencies they will serve  on the first Friday in May. This list is in process, we may make changes in the next two weeks. 

    Bolsa Chica Conservancy

    3842 Warner Avenue, Huntington Beach

    • Agency Description:Our friends at the non-profit Conservancy are promoting environmental restoration and sustainability Established in 1990, the Bolsa Chica Conservancy works to protect our local wetlands.
      Contact: Molly Burdick-Whipp
    • Project Description:   Students will participate in a trash clean up and weed interdiction at the Wetlands
    • Teachers:  Mr. McNab [Freshmen] and Mrs. Gardner [Freshmen]

    Christian Outreach in Action

    515 East 3rd Street, Long Beach

    • Agency Description:Nonprofit organization that has been serving the homeless and poor in Downtown Long Beach for 27 years. COA serves the neighborhoods of downtown Long Beach, feeding, clothing and encouraging people at the margins.  
      Contact: Dixie Dohrmann
    • Project Description: Teams of students sorting through clothes/donations and organizing rooms 
    • Teachers:  Mrs. Kors [Freshmen] and Mr. Garner  [Sophomores] 

    Long Beach Campfire

    7070 E. Carson Street, Long Beach

    • Agency description: Providing camping and green space in the middle of  our city.
    • Project description:  Students will be weeding, cleaning, organizing the outdoor facility.
    • Teachers: Samuelson [Freshmen]

    Contact: Shirlee

    VCHS Campus Projects

    17700 Dumont Ave, Cerritos

    • Project Description: Students will work with our neighbors to clean up areas around Dumont Ave and the B&B Stables
    • Teacher:Ms. Lee [Freshmen]

    InJoy Life Resources

    10329  Artesia Blvd, Bellflower

    • Agency Description:  InJoy is a day center for our adult neighbors with developmental disabilities 
      Contact: Marygrace Lagasca
    • Project Description:  
      1) Arts and Music / Campus - 17700 Dumont Ave, Cerritos
      2) Community Garden - 2813 E. South St, Long Beach
    • Teachers:Mr. Board [Sophomores], Mrs. Brewer [Freshmen]

    Just Do Good - Paramount Location  

    15941 Virginia Ave, Paramount

    • Agency Description:Our friends at Emmanuel Church strive to bring local restoration through community development projects
    • Project Description: Students will help organize the Compton Initiative Warehouse located at Emmanuel Church  
    • Teachers: Mrs. Ploeger [Sophomores]

    Kingdom Causes - Bellflower

    16429 Bellflower Blvd, Bellflower

    • Agency Description:Our friends KCB are working with the citizens of Bellflower to help create a unified community 
    • Project Description:  Students will work at Cavalry Baptist Church, the hosts of our Saturday Morning Homeless Breakfast
    • Teachers: Mrs. Cortes [Freshmen]

    Precious Lambs Preschool  

    2005 Palo Verde Ave, Long Beach

    • Agency Description:  Our favorite preschool for kids whose mothers are in shelter programs
    • Project Description:  Students will travel with the children to Shoreline Aquatic Park for a fun outing (games/picnic)
    • Teachers:Ms. Owens [Sophomores]

    Precious Life Shelter  

    3622 Florista St, Los Alamitos

    • Agency Description: Precious Life provides a safe place for our homeless neighbors, especially adult women with children 
    • Project Description: Students will be cleaning and organizing the housing facilities for our friends at the Shelter 
    • Teachers:Mr. Tamminga [Freshmen]

    Rancho Los Amigos Rehabilitation Center

    7601 E. Imperial Highway, Downey

    • Agency Description: Our friends at Rancho are providing support and rehabilitation for patients of life-changing injuries
    • Project Description:   Teams will be cleaning and organizing the campus offices of Ranchos Los Amigos 
    • Teachers:Mr. Branderhorst [Sophomores], Ms. Kouwe [Sophomores], and Mrs. Flietstra [Sophomores]

    Treasure Hunt

    3622 Florista St, Los Alamitos

    • Agency Description: Treasure Hunt is a non-profit business, created to help support our friends at New Life Shelter 
    • Project Description: Students will sort clothes and organize inventory at the Treasure Hunt Thrift Store 
    • Teachers:Mrs. Verhoeven [Sophomores]