VC System Profile

  • Administration

    Troy Stahl, Superintendent/High School Principal
    Chris Becker, High School Assistant Principal
    Brian Petteys, Middle School Principal
    Rhonda VanKampen, Elementary School Principal
    Sara Ramirez, Preschool Director
    Alice De Bruin, Director of Business Operations

    Thank you for your interest in Valley Christian Schools. For over 80 years Valley Christian Schools has been an extension of the family and a partner with local churches. With the information below, it is our wish that you get a sense for our ideals, history and the community surrounding the school.

    Mission statement of Valley Christian Schools: “In the light of the Lordship of Jesus Christ and the authority of God’s Word, we will educate each unique student in cooperation with the Christian community so that he or she is equipped and inspired to make a difference for Jesus Christ in the world.”

    Vision: Valley Christian Schools seeks to honor and glorify God by being a loving, compassionate, and spirit-filled community, affirming His call to holiness, ensuring academic success, stewarding our resources, and embracing the diversity of the body of Christ while emphasizing our Reformed accent. 

    History: Valley Christian Schools (formerly called Bellflower Christian Schools) began in 1935 due to the vision and leadership of Rev. Gareth Kok, pastor of a local Christian Reformed Church. The first educational effort was a six-week summer school session offered for four years. In 1934 three acres of land were bought on Grand Avenue. A four-room schoolhouse was built and through prayer and dedication the Valley Christian Elementary School began in the fall of 1935. Today our recently remodeled Elementary campus remains on Grand Avenue in Bellflower. Our High School and Middle School located in Cerritos span some 33 acres.

    Community: Valley Christian Schools enrolls approximately 1,300 students in preschool through 12th grade. Approximately 25% of the current enrollment is from families who attend one of the 12 reformed, anchor churches. Administrators are also required to be active members in an evangelical reformed church (not necessarily an anchor church). These 12 churches include eight Christian Reformed Churches, three Reformed Church of America churches, and one Orthodox Presbyterian church. The other 65% of the enrollment is made up of families and students attending various Protestant denominations. Over 250 churches are represented. The ethnic diversity of the student body has changed over this period as well, reflecting the changing ethnic diversity of the community. Our high school has over 40% ethnic diversity. Since our founding in 1935, Valley Christian Schools have been parent-run, and we encourage parental involvement by requiring 10 volunteer service hours per family per year. Our schools are an extension of Christian family life and our parents and faculty partner together to provide the best Christian learning situation for our students.

    Valley Christian Schools is a member of Christian Schools International (CSI). CSI’s mission is to advance Christian education and to support schools in their task of teaching students to know God and His world and to glorify Him through obedient service. Our teachers meet once a year for a two day conference with other teachers from District VIII which is part of CSI. Valley Christian Schools is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC); a regional association that accredits public and private schools, colleges, and universities in the United States.

    Staff: Our staff of Christian, Bible believing teachers, administrators and support personnel continue to be our greatest asset. They are committed to excellence, both spiritually and academically. Through love and sacrifice they invest in the lives of our children and each other. All teaching and administrative staff has graduated from accredited colleges and universities. There are many opportunities for further education located not far from Valley Christian. Many teachers have earned Masters Degrees from local public and private universities and colleges. Conferences and seminars are also available in the Los Angeles area.

    Campuses: The Valley Christian School system operates a preschool at an area church and has 3 school campuses located within a mile of each other. Encounter church preschool and the elementary school are located in Bellflower, and the middle school and high school are located in Cerritos. We are blessed to own the 40 acres of prime real estate where our preK-12 schools are located. 

Last Modified on March 12, 2021