Accelerated Reader Program

  • In 2000, the elementary staff decided to add a supplemental reading program to our curriculum known as Accelerated Reader (AR). This program is a supplement; it is not the primary reading curriculum for any grade. AR helps our staff encourage students to read.Girl Reading

    Here's how it works: Once a student has read one of the many books on the AR list (over 151,000 titles!), he or she takes a quiz on one of the school computers. The results are given immediately and AR provides the student a chance to see any missed questions with correct answers. If the student passes the quiz, he or she earns points. The points are stored on the Renaissance Place website and tallied whenever the classroom teacher collects the information (usually at the end of a trimester).

    Our library is well stocked with AR books (although of course we don't have all the thousands of titles). You can use this search to see what books we have.

    Accelerated Reader Home Connect - This is for students and parents to see student progress as well as search the vast Accelerated Reader book list. 

    Please join us by encouraging our students to read!