AP Success

  • AP Success - Again!
    The number of students taking AP classes at VCHS continues to rise, and our average scores on AP exams are consistently higher than national averages. For example, veteran math teacher Laura Pheifer has prepared her AP Calculus students so well that from 2010-2014, 90% of her students passed the test, while the national average was 59% or lower. In fact, in seven of the last 15 years 100% of her students passed the exam. 
    When asked the secret to this consistent success, Mrs. Pheifer shared, “Any success I have is due largely to the mathematical preparation our students receive before they get to AP Calculus. Our high school math teachers work together extremely well to provide a solid foundation for our students’ success. I also have the luxury of working with some of VC’s brightest and most highly motivated students... that makes my job easy!”