Looking Ahead to Middle School - iPad Information

  • Dear Future Valley Christian Middle School Parents & Guardians,       

    As you are likely aware, your student will be using technology regularly in the classroom while at VCMS. We have had a 1:1 iPad program since 2012. We continue to see the iPad as a very powerful, effective, and versatile tool that enhances and transforms student learning. For this reason, all of our students are required to have an iPad for school use in grades 7-12. 

    You have two purchasing options: 

    1. You can place an order with us. The benefit of ordering through the school is that you can get three (or four) years of warranty for the iPad rather than two (not available through retail stores). To see pricing and to order your iPad, visit www.vcschools.org/ipadorder. You may order any time prior to June 1.

    2. You can purchase your own iPad from a retail store. If you choose this route, please understand the following:
      1. There is a $25 setup fee to bring your own iPad, and you will need to bring the iPad to VCMS to have the tech team prepare it. It will be erased and then configured to work with VC systems. Please bring your iPad in for configuration before August 1st.
      2. Unless you purchase the AppleCare warranty at the time of purchase, VC cannot process any repairs or replacements. You will be on your own for this. VC will provide a “loaner” iPad for five school days free of charge, but then $5 per school day after the fifth day.
      3. If you have an older iPad and intend to use it for school, it will need to be at least a 9th Generation iPad or newer. As a general rule, all student iPads must be able to run the latest Operating System (OS). We require that all iPads have at least 64gb of storage.

    June 1 - All iPad Orders are due

    All iPad orders are due by June 1. We will not order iPads after the deadline. If you miss this deadline, you will need to purchase your own iPad (see above). 

    Parent Orientation and iPad Distribution night - The Wednesday prior to the first week of school (6:30pm)

    This meeting is mandatory for parents of all incoming 7th graders and for the parents of new 8th graders unless your student attends the summer orientation camp. This meeting is for adults only. Please do not bring your student. This will be an opportunity to learn how the iPad program works, ask questions, and to meet our team.

    For more details, we encourage you to check out our iPad program by visiting www.vcschools.org/ipads. Also, please don’t hesitate to contact ipadsupport@vcschools.org regarding any of the program objectives or implementation plans. This is a team effort and our success will be greater if we can work together for our common goal. 

    The VCMS Technology Team,
    John Evenhouse and Julie Vande Vegte

Last Modified on February 23, 2024