Robotics Competition 2016

  • Robotics Competition  March 11 & 12 at the Long Beach Arena 
    Download the Schedule (Updated Thursday, March 10) 
    The VCHS EPIC Robotics team will compete at the Long Beach Arena on March 11-12 in the LA Regional. You are invited to attend and cheer on VCS during competitions, visit the team and take pictures with our robot at our booth, and be amazed by the technical abilities of over 65 teams. Plan to come and be encouraged as you see what our students are accomplishing. 
    Opening ceremonies will begin at 8:30 am each day and the competition will conclude by 5:30 pm. Semi-finals occur all day on Friday and Saturday morning, and the real excitement starts on Saturday after lunch when we hope to find ourselves in the final rounds. Our placement at the competition determines if our team advances to St. Louis! 
    The students have done an amazing job this year. It is exciting to once again see our FLL (former VC middle school robotic students) advance to the high school robotics team, further developing their skills and finding what interests them the most. 
    The event is free; parking is $10.   
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    What can you expect?
    We are guaranteed approximately 8 to 10 qualifier competitions, which take place all-day Friday and before noon Saturday morning.  A schedule of exact time slots will be released late Thursday or early Friday and can be found on  Match numbers are sequential (1, 2, 3,…), so look for and remember the matches containing our team number, 4415.  The site also offers live streaming, logs match results, and team ranking.  Please note that matches may run late due to technical difficulties or extended field changes, so keep a watch on the match number for the best sense of actual competition time table.  Should morning matches run late the event management may choose to continue running matches through the lunch period.
    The best time to visit is during Playoffs, which happen after lunch on Saturday.  This is when the best teams pull out all the stops and the most exciting competition happens.  While there is no guarantee our team will make Playoffs, we are optimistic and believe we stand a good chance of competing with the top teams again.  Visitors should expect to spend at least 2 to 3 hours (or more) at the Arena if they wish to get the most out of their visit.  This should give them ample opportunity to watch our team compete once or twice, and provide time to visit the 65 team pits on the arena floor.
    Please remember to wear closed-toe shoes if you want to be admitted to the pit area.  Safety glasses will be lent to you for your visit into the pits.  While we encourage you to visit our pit, we ask that your visit be brief (about 2 minutes max).  Space in the pits is very limited and we need to avoid congestion in the isles not only for the benefit of our team members but as a courtesy to our competitors.  Safety judges are constantly roaming the area and will hold us accountable with how we manage our visitors, so please respect the rules of the arena and the pit area.
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