Coram Deo

  • School Motto: Coram Deo

    “In the presence of God”  

    Valley Christian School’s motto, Coram Deo, reminds us simply that we live before the face of God each minute of each day.

    This is an important distinction of our Reformed Faith, recognizing God as fully sovereign over all our lives and all our experiences. It’s a recognition of freedom to live one full life without compartments. Life with and in front of God. In our best and worst moments, before His face. In the honoring and glorifying, and in the error and repentance -- all before God.

    As a community and an institution, Valley Christian Schools endeavors to live this and teach Coram Deo by honoring God, and bringing Glory to Him through our Commitments, Core Values, and Calling. At VCS, students receive a Christ-centered education and are challenged to follow the direction of God’s Word for the spiritual, intellectual, social and physical development of each person in our contemporary society.

    Purpose of Our Motto

    Valley Christian Schools has the motto, Coram Deo, because it establishes our purpose to stay with God, represents our unity as an institution, and to serve Him together for His glory.

Last Modified on February 12, 2019