• Summer School 

    This year VCHS students will have a shortened summer break. School will end June 8th and resume on Monday, August 14th.

    Valley students typically spend the summer participating in a variety of activities and many students take the opportunity to make up a course or take a course to expand their knowledge in a particular subject area.

    As your child’s academic counselor we wanted to make you aware of our school policies, available options for summer classes and how our shortened break may affect traditional summer plans.

    VCHS Summer School Policy: https://www.vcschools.org/Page/449

    Students may request approval to take a course outside of VCHS. Such courses must be for "recovery credit" only (a make-up of a low or failing grade), except in the case of Geometry (which may be taken for original credit).

    For inclusion on the VCHS transcript, all outside courses must meet the following criteria:

    1. The educational institution must be accredited.
    2. The course must be UC-approved. https://hs-articulation.ucop.edu/agcourselist#/list/search/all
    3. The course must apply directly to a VCHS graduation requirement. Elective courses are not included on the VCHS transcript.
    4. An official transcript/grade report must be provided to VCHS by the educational institution. It is the student's responsibility to make sure such a report is provided to VCHS.

    A maximum of 1.0 transfer credits per core discipline (English, Math, Science, Social Studies, World Language) may be taken at an outside accredited institution during the high school career. A student may not exceed 3.0 total transfer credits across the core curriculum during their high school career.

    Students wishing to earn transfer credit for non-VCHS classes must submit the Transfer Credit Application and receive PRIOR approval. Applications made after the class has been completed are not guaranteed automatic credit. Application is on VCHS website.

    Classes for Remediation/Credit Recovery:

    A course/class must be repeated if the student has earned a failing grade (F).

    A course/class must be repeated if the student has earned a failing grade and is in danger of not meeting credits required for graduation (24.25).

    Students are strongly advised to repeat any A-G course if the student has not earned a C or better.

    Summer School Options:

    • APEX- online, tuition
    • BYU- online, tuition
    • Opportunities for Learning- independent study
    • Local Private High Schools- tuition
    • Local Public High Schools- must live in school’s area of residence 

    2017 Summer School Considerations:

    • Summer break is 8 weeks
    • Orientation is 8/7-8/11
    • Summer coursework should be completed by Monday, July 31
    • Final transcripts should be submitted to VCHS by Monday, August 7. 
    • This allows for sufficient processing time to request and generate official transcripts, and to make necessary schedule adjustments.
    • Schedule adjustments will not be made until VC has received the summer school transcript. 
    • Students should budget their time accordingly.
    • First day of school is Monday, August 14th
    • Many Online, Independent Study and High School summer programs require 6 weeks to complete ONE semester course
    • Online courses can begin prior to end of current school year
    • VCHS accepts course work from: APEX, Opportunities For Learning, Community College many public/private High Schools

    ** Please check with your Counselor before registering for any Summer Course

    If you have any questions please schedule and appointment with your counselor.

    Mrs. Robyn Garcia (A-L, International) Mrs. Candyce Simpson (M-Z)

    Troy Stahl, Principal
    Robyn Garcia, Counselor
    Candyce Simpson, Counselor

Last Modified on March 14, 2017