• Waitlist Information


    At Valley Christian Schools we want to be clear about how we manage waitlists. Waitlists are a function of our annual budgeting. We budget the number of classes or sections based on current and projected enrollment numbers. They are not a way for us to procure donations or gifts. Great education occurs when students are able to communicate easily with their teacher -- classroom size limits assist in this. At our elementary campus, classrooms are limited to 20 at the lowest grade level and 26 in the upper grades.

    1st grade is currently closed and we anticipate a additional grade levels will close based on our current student enrollment. As this occurs, we will continue to accept applications and interview families. Waitlists will form. Once accepted, you may choose to be waitlisted. If you do, we will update you through email every other week so you know your status and are alerted to any changes. We will inform you as to whether your student is continuing on the waitlist or has been moved to the classroom. We do not discuss your position on the waitlist.

    This year, space in classes will come through families moving away from Valley Christian. Should space in a class open, you will be offered one opportunity to accept that position. If you do not accept within 48 hours, the space will be offered to the next eligible student.

    At the high school, all students must have applied and be accepted by August 28, 2018.
    At the elementary and middle school applications will be accepted into the new school year.