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iPad Learning Program

What is the background to choosing the 1-to-1 iPad program?

One of the adopted goals of the Valley Christian Schools Board of Directors is to develop the skills our students need to be equipped to live and work in the 21st century. With the amount of information doubling every five years, student success requires that they develop skills to understand how to access and, with Biblical discernment, use these volumes of new information. Accessible technology, such as iPads, individualize learning so that students expand their knowledge and enhance their skills in math, reading, history, and science, as well as in many other subjects.

Students also need to master digital tools to creatively and responsibly solve new problems while having access to learning resources that expand the schoolhouse walls and make the world their classroom. Previously, our students accessed computers at school 25 to 45 minutes per week. That is no longer enough. Our students need greater access for deeper thinking and expanded learning opportunities. We believe iPads provide our students consistent access to wonderful learning resources.

How will students use the iPads?

iPads are personal tools. We want our students to own them and personalize them, making them a regular part of life. Families may choose to purchase the iPads in one payment or with their tuition payments. Students will use the iPads in and out of the classroom to do the following:

  • Learn applications and skills such as word processing, graphic design, art design, and PowerPoint/Keynote presentations
  • Conduct research in real-time learning
  • Participate in individualized enrichment and intervention programs
  • Collaborate on projects with other students in class and across the globe
  • Use the best of what technology has to offer, specific to each grade and subject area

What classes/grades are participating in the iVCS iPad Learning Program?

The program begins at our Middle School in 7th grade and continues until 12th grade. The middle school started the program in 2012 and high school followed in 2013. 

How have teachers been prepared and trained for the program?

The teachers received iPads early and participated in comprehensive training in advance. Training continued after school began to help them gain mastery.  

Cost & Purchase Information

Families are required to purchase their iPads through Valley Christian Schools. We can and will accommodate mid-year or early purchases for those who wish to purchase an iPad as a birthday, Christmas, or graduation gift.

How much will it cost? 

Is insurance included in the cost?

Yes. AppleCare+ insurance is included for all iPads purchased through the school. 

  • What will the insurance (AppleCare+) cover?

    • AppleCare+ will cover 3 years of manufacturer warranty and accidental damage. This manufacturer warranty is extended to the charger and cable that was issued with the iPad.  (Maximum of 2 incidents and $50 service fee per incident). Theft or loss is not covered.

Are there any financing options?

You may either purchase the iPad upfront or choose a monthly payment program for 10 or 12 months for an additional $10 finance charge. If purchased or leased through VCS, the iPads will be available at the end of August. This will be a “lease-to-own” program.

  • Beginning in 2013, all iPads leased or purchased through the school will be part of AppleCare+, an extended warranty and accidental damage program through Apple.
  • At the end of the lease, families own the iPad. If you exit the program early, you will have a buyout option for the remainder of the lease. 

Are these payments added to my tuition payment?

Yes, monthly payments will be included in your statement.

On average, how much money can I expect to save since some textbooks will now be available on iPad?

We are actively researching our textbook options. The textbook industry is changing rapidly and we are not sure of all the options yet. Some textbooks will be offered digitally on the iPad and typically at rates lower than the paper-based versions.


Will the iPads be protected online (filtered)?

While at school and at home, your child will be protected from visiting inappropriate websites by the Valley Christian Schools secure network and content filter.

How much control will the school have over the device?

The school will monitor what apps are installed on the devices to ensure adherence to school policy. Teachers will have the ability to control what apps are available during class. Additional controls include the ability to: 

  • remotely erase the iPad
  • remove the lockcode
  • distribute apps and textbooks 

Valley has prepared a set of recommended restrictions for parents to set on student iPads.

Students may install games, music, and movies subject to school policy.

Will all of the textbooks be on the iPads?

Not initially, but we are actively researching textbooks options and will add them as they become available. 

Device Questions

It is important for each family to invest in a good iPad case.  A good case will protect your iPad and greatly decrease the odds of having to go through the hassle of replacing a broken screen!  With Valley now offering several models and types of iPads, be sure to know the type of iPad you purchased and verify that the case will work well with that iPad.  A helpful hint: often has the best prices, but BestBuy will honor their prices, if you bring them into a local BestBuy store!
Do I have to purchase a specific case? Not exactly, but your case really should meet these minimum requirements:

  • The case must provide significant protection for all 4 corners and edges of the iPad.
  • The case must close securely, and not be prone to opening by accident
  • The front corners and rim of the case should keep the iPad glass from resting flat on a table when placed face down.
  • Front protection and/or a screen cover is optional, but can be beneficial. Beware bad screen covers, though!
Here are just a few cases we recommend that meet the requirements above.
iPad Pro 9.7" Cases:

iPad Air2 Cases: 

If my student would like to use a bluetooth keyboard, do you have any recommendations?

We have found that most students do prefer to use the digital keyboard.  We also have wired keyboards available for students to check out and use on a temporary basis.  We have tested a few great bluetooth keyboards, but only recommend separate bluetooth keyboards and caution against using a bluetooth keyboard case, unless it is something like the ClamCase.  Here is a list of recommended BlueTooth Keyboards:

  • Apple's Magic Keyboard ($ This is a solid keyboard that does not require batteries, instead it is charged with a lightning cable.  This is a full size keyboard.
  • Microsoft's Universal Foldable Keyboard ($ We are still hoping to test this keyboard.  It has a lot of great reviews online and is very compact and easy to take with them in their backpacks.  It has a built-in rechargeable battery (but uses a unique cable to charge it).  It is a full size keyboard. 
If a new model comes out after school starts, can my son or daughter use the new model instead?

Valley does require all iPads to be purchased through the school.  If you would like to purchase a new iPad at any point during the year, please complete the iPad order form here:  Please consult the technology team and realize that moving content to a new device can be time-consuming.

How can I learn more?

Last Modified on August 28, 2016