Digital Textbooks (High School)

  • Algebra 1, Algebra 1A, Algebra 2, Algebra 2 Honors, Geometry, Modern Chemistry, Physics, World History, US History

    These iBook redemption codes will be sold at the Fall Book Sale and in the library throughout the year.  If you have a copy from an older sibling, you may used it using Apple's Family Sharing program.  More information on Family Sharing can be found at

    Spanish 1-4, Spanish 2-3 Honors, American Government

    The Spanish classes (except AP Spanish) and American Government (except AP Government) use a Pearson eText that requires the use of the "Pearson eText for Schools" app. These eBooks are leased for one year, or for American Government, one semester. Refunds are available if the class is dropped within the first 2 weeks of the semester.


    1. Install the free "Pearson eText for Schools" app from Self-Service or from the App Store.
    2. Launch the "Pearson eText" app, it will require a login.
    3. Your teacher will give you your login information.
    4. The password should be the same as your PowerSchool password.

    Your login should automatically display the appropriate textbooks for your course(s).

    AP Art History, Cultural Geography

    AP Art History and Cultural Geography access textbooks via an app called "Pearson eText" and a login and redemption code which will be covered in class. These eBooks are leased for one year and once redeemed cannot be returned.


    1. Install the free "Pearson eText" app from Self-Service.
    2. Launch the "Pearson eText app, it will require a login.
    3. The login accounts and redemption code will be covered in class. We encourage you to make it the same as your school email and PowerSchool password.
    4. You can also access the textbook and more resources at with your login.

    AP Government and Politics US, AP US History, AP World History

    AP Government and AP US History use the app "VitalSource Bookshelf". These books were paid for at the bookstore sale. They are redeemed via redemption codes which will be distributed in class. AP Government and Politics US - "The American Pageant AP Edition" AP US History - "American Government Institutions and Policies AP Edition" Once redeemed, these books are licensed for one year and cannot be returned.


    1. Visit on the web with your iPad or any computer
    2. Register for an account. We STRONGLY encourage you to use your student email and PowerSchool password for this account. REMEMBER and record this username and password in a safe place, that is why we recommend you use the PowerSchool password.
    3. On your iPad, open the Self-Service App
    4. Tap on "VitalSource Bookshelf". This will take you to the App Store to download this free app. It will require the purchasing Apple ID password, but there will be no charge.
    5. Once installed, launch the "Bookshelf" app and be sure you can sign in. You won't see any books listed until you obtain your redemption code the first day of class.


    The health textbook is completely online and accessed via the Safari app already installed on the iPad. It can also be accessed from any computer with internet access. This program is leased for one semester. Refunds are available if the class is dropped within the first 2 weeks of the semester.


    1. Visit on Safari or other browser
    2. Your username is your PowerSchool username + "vcs". Example: jsmith14vcs
    3. Your password should be the same as your PowerSchool password

    OT Survey, NT Survey

    Old Testament and New Testament Survey courses require an app called "Zondervan NIV Study Bible" that you will need to purchase. Redemption codes may be purchased at the Book Sale or shared through Family Sharing.

    AP Biology, AP Physics, AP Spanish, Biology, and Physical Science

    These eBooks use unique redemption methods.  Your teacher will review the process in class.

Last Modified on November 17, 2015