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  • Our schools are an extension of Christian family life and our parents and faculty partner together to provide the best Christian learning situation for our students. 

    We appreciate the prayer and financial support of our anchor churches, and a variety of support organizations.

    Since our founding in 1935, Valley Christian Schools have been parent-run, and we encourage parental involvement by requiring 10 volunteer service hours per family per year. The Board of Directors also holds open meetings where parents and friends of VCS are invited to attend. See the pages at the right for a variety of ways to become involved, and view the Supporting Churches page for a list of our supporting churches. 

  • Society Membership

    All current school parents and guardians who confess faith in Jesus Christ are considered society members. Society members participate in voting for new members of the Board of Directors and review the school budget at the annual Society Meeting, usually held in April.

    Non-VCS families who have voted once within the last 5 years are also Society members and are encouraged to vote.

    If you are a non-VCS family who has NOT voted in last 5 years and would like to vote this year, please complete the VCS Society application and submit to the Business Office or bring it to the Society meeting.

    February 13, 2024 VC Society Meeting:

    February 7, 2024

    To All VCS Society Members,

    The VCS Board of Directors is inviting you to a Special Meeting on February 13, 2024 (Tuesday) @ 7:00 PM in the VC Middle School Chapel. Please note the location is on the MIDDLE SCHOOL campus due to ongoing Broadway Showcase rehearsals.

    This Special Meeting aims to decide on the recommended termination (buyout) of our Defined Benefit Pension Plan liability. We joined the Christian Schools International (CSI) retirement Pension Plan in 1944. CSI froze this plan in 2019 because of the perceived risks and increasing premiums. VCS now has an opportunity to buy out of all likely future liabilities and premiums for a significantly lower cost than we have seen to date.

    The VCS Board of Directors is presenting a motion to terminate the CSI Pension Plan effective February 29, 2024, and to borrow up to $6.5 million for the buyout. Most of the necessary funding has been identified and will be shared at the meeting. Please consider this matter confidential and to be kept within the VCS Society family.

    In preparation for our Special Meeting, we ask you to review the attachments below and to be prepared to vote on the motion. This motion is complicated, so the VCS Finance Committee and the VCS Pension Plan Working Group are available to answer any additional questions. You may contact Wesley Turnbow (VCS Finance Chair) at  

    If you cannot attend, absentee ballots will be accepted on or before the scheduled meeting date. A live stream (video) will not be available for this meeting.

    We look forward to seeing you at our Special Meeting @ 7:00 PM on Tuesday, February 13th, in the Middle School Chapel.

    Thank you,

    Your VCS Board of Directors


    VCS Pension Buyout Summary

    Understanding the Pension Plan

    School Contribution & Withdrawal Liability

    VCS 2/13/14 Absentee Ballot