Service Learning Project

  • The VCHS Community Service requirement provides every student the opportunity to serve their local community in a way that compliments the individual gifts and interests of each student. Students are welcome to join our Student Service-Leadership Team on school-sponsored projects. Students are also free to locate a service option at their church or in their local community.

    Freshman = 10 hours

    Sophomores = 20 hours

    Juniors = 20 hours

    Seniors = 10 hours


    Getting Started:

    Step One: Print or download a VCHS Commuinty Service Record and have an agency representative (or parent, if an agency rep is not available) sign off the hours as they are served.

    Step Two: Upload a digital copy of the VCHS Community Service Record to Canvas.  (if you have a printed copy of the record, you will need to turn it into a PDF in order to upload it)


    Commonly Asked Questions:

    • What type of community service will qualify for the VCHS Requirement?

               -Answer: We want you to use your gifts and serve your community. Almost any service will qualify.

                    Note: You may not receive pay or any type of compensation for your work. You may not complete your hours at a family business or by caring for a family member.

    • Who is allowed to sign off on the hours that I’ve completed?

               -Answer: An adult connected to the place you served or one of your parents.

    • How should I turn in my service record?

               -Answer:  Upload a digital copy of this record to Canvas.  A PDF is preferred.  You may also upload a picture.

    • When are my service hours due?

               -Answer:    All community service hours are due by May 15 each year (except senior year).  Incomplete service hours are rolled over to the next school year.  The community service requirements must be completed by April 1 of senior year.  Seniors who have not completed the required hours will not be allowed to participate in senior activities (for example, senior trip).

    • Can I work ahead on my hours?

              -Answer:  No.  We want you to develop a habitual lifestyle of service, and we would like the service spread out over the course of high school.  Although you are welcome to exceed the minimum, we will not accept more than the stated total each year. 

    • If I am a transfer student, do I have to make up hours from past years?

              -Answer:  No.  You are only responsible for service hours for the years that you attend Valley Christian.  The requirements for the past years will be waived.


    Some Of Our Favorite Agencies:

    Affordable Treasures 562.866.0060
    ARC 562.803.4606
    Artesia Christian Home 562.865.5218
    Bell Shelter 323.263.1206
    Bellflower Volunteer Center 562.925.9003
    Bolsa Chica Wetlands 714.846.1114
    Bethany Christian Services 888.983.0500
    Bethany Church (tutoring) 562.866.1812

    Cause Life []
    Grace Children's Home []
    Emmanuel Reformed Church 562.531.6820
    Habitat For Humanity 562.427.4463 Ex.214

    Injoy-Bellflower 562.867.2100
    Kingdom Causes-Bellflower 562.804.180
    LA Mission 213.629.1227
    Long Beach Animal Control 562.570.7387
    Long Beach Campfire 562.421-2725
    Long Beach Food Bank 562.435.5377
    Long Beach Memorial Hospital 562.933.2000
    Long Beach Rescue Mission 562.591.1292

    Los Altos 562.430.6813
    Little House– Bellflower 562.927.2777
    New Life Beginnings 562.590.1538
    Orange County Food Bank 714.897.6670
    Precious Lambs Preschool []
    Precious Life Shelter 562.430.7309

    Ramona Elementary Bellflower 562.804.6532
    Ride Your Horse 714.292.3563
    S.A.Y. YES Clubs 323.568.1811

    Spencer Williams Elementary 562.904.3564
    The Dream Center 213.273.7050
    Union Rescue Mission 213.327.6300
    Woodruff Convalescent Center 562.925.8457

Service Learning Forms