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    Valley Christian Middle School is often called the "gem" of the Valley Christian system. We teach just under 200 students each year and we do it with great attention to the importance of this unique time in an adolescent's life. 
    VCMS students are early teens. They're moving from the age of awe and wonder to a time of examinating truth in the midst of complexities. It's a time of transition, of questioning, of openness, and a time of decision. With young minds and growing faiths, our students are establishing themselves as faithful Christian young people living in a secular world.
    At Valley Christian Middle School, we are committed to the educational and developmental needs of our students, engaging in time-tested middle school practice.
    Here's a practical look at how we execute Middle School theory and practice.
    Advisement. Our days begin with Advisement class - a non-credit course focusing on social, emotional and spiritual growth. Our students stay with the same teacher all year and the class becomes a competitive team, vying with other Advisement classes in Inter Advisement Competitions, IACs. The morning begins with devotions, and includes news of the day streaming national and international news services.
    Core classes. Each morning's focus is on core classes. Math, Science, History and English, all purposefully taught from a Biblical perspective. These classes are taught in blocks without bells allowing teachers to use the time as required for content. Teachers are afforded weekly common planning time to determine scheduling.
    Lunch. Students break to eat a lunch from home or one prepared by our on-campus canteen or hot lunch program.
    Exploratory courses. In the afternoon, students choose from and participate in our exceptional exploratory courses. Exploratories include required semester-long courses: Bible, PE, Art 7, and a music course. Most of the other courses are either year long, like Orchestra or one quarter long, and include a range of explorational subjects like rocketry, ceramics, digital music composition, Christian Perspectives on Media, Concert Band, Choirs, Apologetics and graphic arts. Exploratories give middle school students time and space to try and gain experience in areas of interest which might become vocational and avocational affinities.
    Chapel. Once a week we gather for chapel where we worship together with our own student-led praise band and hear from a variety of speakers who present God’s Word in an understandable and engaging way.
    Extra-curricular activities. Outside the school day, extra-curricular activities range from sports teams to school plays and talent shows that give our students the opportunity to use their God-given gifts and talents.
    Teachers. Finally, God has provided an outstanding staff of dedicated, professional teachers who love teaching middle school students. God has called each one of these teachers to this ministry, as they lead students in examining God's creation, order, history, purpose, love, redemption, and restoration. 
    This Christian community is committed to giving praise and thanks to God, through Christ and we welcome families who share this commitment.
    Grace and Peace,
    Brian Petteys, Middle School Principal
    Apple Distinguished School 2016-2018  

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