Middle School Academic Support

  • Valley Christian Middle School’s Academic Support Program provides curricular support for students.  The Academic Support staff assists students in the classroom and works with teachers to meet individual student needs.

    504 Plans of Classroom Accommodations for qualified students are provided to each teacher and are implemented in their classes.

    Study Center:  Approved students may enroll quarterly in Study Center, which is held during school hours as an “Exploratory” class.  In Study Center, students will work on daily assignments, be held accountable for weekly work, and prepare for tests.  It is not required that a student have a 504 Plan of Accommodations in order to enroll in Study Center.

    Middle School Academic Support procedure:

    1. The student’s grade level teacher team or parent(s) make a referral based on educational history and/or current student performance.

    2. Identified learning differences or disabilities are documented by (a) written documentation of previous assessment, or (b) current psychoeducational assessment by the school psychologist.

    3. A 504 Plan of Classroom Accommodations may be required, depending on assessment outcomes.

    4. Advancement to high school is determined individually, and is at the discretion of the middle school and high school administrations.

Last Modified on July 22, 2015