Elementary School Library

  • Elementary School Library

    All students (TK through sixth grade) come to the library each week at a scheduled time with their class.  During library time we read stories aloud and choose books to check out.  Students learn how to use the library catalog and how to find books on the shelves.


    The library is open every day during lunch recess and last recess, and most days before school (at 8:00 a.m.) and after school (until 3:15 p.m.).

    Accelerated Reader Program

    Elementary students subscribe to a supplemental reading program known as Accelerated Reader (AR). This program is a supplement; it is not the primary reading curriculum for any grade. AR helps our staff encourage students to read.




    Here's how it works: After reading one of the MANY! books on the AR list, a student can take an online quiz. Results are given immediately, and points and word count totals are tallied on the AR website.  Students, teachers and parents can see totals, as well as progress toward goals.

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