Academic Overview

  • Originally, four churches came together for summer school, and four years later, Bellflower Christian Schools, now Valley Christian Schools, was formed. Our enthusiasm for excellence in education is a central quality of the institution.
    Beyond consistently performing at top levels in national standardized testing, we seek constant improvement. This is supported by our "Exemplary" status with the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) with whom we've been accredited since the 1960s. Our organizational structure enhances our educational effectiveness. Our board supports Valley Christian Schools with fiduciary oversight, vision-casting in alignment with mission and policy-making done in cooperation with the leadership team, which allows teachers to thrive in their classrooms.
    Curricula at Valley Christian Schools is selected by experienced administrators and seasoned, credentialed teachers working together through a system-wide review. This means all teachers are involved in the mapping, scope and sequence, and curriculum choices based on their departmental and grade level. You can review course offerings and curriculum choices on the various campus pages.
    Teaching Unique & Individual Students
    We recognize and value the inestimable worth of each student. We also recognize each student's deep need for strong student-teacher bonds. At the youngest grades, this means classroom teachers take time to assure each student is loved and safe as they learn. As students grow into greater independence, VCS teachers create relationships based on the earnest design to educate, come alongside and inspire. It is not unusual to see a VCS student and teacher in conversation at lunch or break out of genuine interest, trust and respect for one another.
    Our academic excellence is firmly grounded in our commitment to apply educational theory and practice that is age appropriate, and considers the individual needs of our students. Our class sizes allow for understanding of the individual student.
    Knowing is Doing
    Learning is not intended as an end in itself. The process of learning is vibrant, multi-dimensional and can be limitless when outcomes and curricula are established. Additionally, being academically excellent cannot be separated from learning to practice. Valley Christian students are constantly putting knowledge into action in classroom, performance and field experiences. Therefore, our students are challenged to learn at a deep level, and given multiple opportunities to practice their learning in a variety of ways.
    Another beautiful dimension of learning at Valley Christian is education that extends well beyond the classroom, into the local community and beyond. One might see this as a middle schooler, a member of Free2Serve helping in our preschool, or a student enrolled in Service Learning participating with our neighbors with disabilities at Injoy or the Handbell Choir performing at a home for the elderly. Students grow as they employ gifts and knowledge.
    Learning as Worship
    Finally, the joy of learning is rooted in a nearly insatiable pursuit of God's never-ending brilliance. A Biblical Worldview becomes the springboard to see all subjects of study as a reflection of that brilliance. At Valley Christian Schools, we're clear academic excellence is an extension of one's wonder and curiosity about the Creator and his creation. In fact, we might argue creation is the only curricula a learner has. When shaped by a leader or teacher in community, learning really is a call to community, a form of joyful, inquisitive worship.
    Valley Christian Schools offers hands on active learning from preschool through graduation.