Technology at VCS

  • The Valley Christian Schools seek to prepare students to impact contemporary society in the name of Jesus Christ. To do so successfully in an increasingly complex and information rich society, students must use technology effectively.Technology Wordle

    • We seek to use computers, iPads, and other technologies, not as a separate discipline, but as tools in each subject area and in the operation of the school.
    • We will promote the responsible use of technology in all administrative and curricular areas.
    • We will train students and staff to understand Biblical, ethical, cultural and societal issues related to technology.
    • We will develop positive attitudes toward technology uses that support lifelong learning.
    • We will use technology to be productive, to communicate, to research, to solve problems, and to make informed decisions.
    • We will use technology to interconnect our entire K-12 system and connect our schools with local, national and global communities.
    • We will complete this task in a manner that encourages staff and students to use technology as a tool to further God’s kingdom
    Common Sense Media
    Valley Christian Schools uses Common Sense Media
    for our Digital Citizenship program. Check it out here.

Last Modified on August 6, 2020