The Arts at Valley Christian Schools

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    We believe in the importance of educating the whole child. You may have read articles on Arts Integration and the importance of Critical Thinking, Creativity, Communication and more, as you search for 21st Century Skills. At Valley Christian Schools, we continue to maintain our distinctly Christian focus on educating the whole child, physically, emotionally, spiritually and academically, as we have for eighty years.
    Elementary art student
    Our legacy in Christian education is simple: We strive to ensure that our students reason critically and respond biblically. The arts are a wonderful place to develop that critical thinking (as well as creativity, community and communication). On each of our campuses, you'll find our commitment to Artistic Accomplishment from the earliest days of kindergarten through high school graduation. Further, we believe that learning is doing. Because of that, our scope and sequence of learning in the arts is largely experience based.
    At every campus, the arts are taught by credentialed artists and musicians. Our very youngest students begin music classes in kindergarten with programs that have them moving to rhythms and singing. Similarly, these youngest students can tell you about, "The Elements of Design" as they learn about line, shape, color, form, and texture. Arts curriculum is not an add-on at VCS, but an integral part of learning and celebrating our God. We perform competitively, sharpening our skills and gaining exposure to our peer's talents, by participating in the CSI Fine Arts Festival for grades five to eight. Our high school instrumental groups and our Madrigal choir participates in competition and festivals each year.  
    As you visit each campus page, notice the depth of arts education. A Valley Christian student is offered a wide range of music, art and performance training opportunities, all devoted to excellence and God's glory.