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Each student at Valley Christian is valued for the unique characteristics that God has given them and our goal is to stretch them to fully realize these characteristics in their life. Key to this process is the balance between maintaining a rigorous curriculum while providing space for strong mentorship with teachers. Our students thrive when this balance is struck and students are challenged in an environment that is joyful, Biblical and safe.

We believe that the joy of learning is rooted in a pursuit of God and His work in the world. At Valley Christian Schools, academic excellence is an extension of one's wonder and curiosity about the Creator and His creation. Our big hope is that student’s leave our school having ignited a passion for learning that they will carry with them wherever their journey leads.

Finally, our hope is that student learning extends beyond the walls of the classroom and into the local community. We know our students have learned when we experience them putting this learning into practice for real people with real needs. You will find Valley Christian students throughout our local community serving, performing and partnering to make a Christlike impact the people around them.