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At VCMS, our core curriculum is developmentally appropriate, challenging, and inspired by a Christian Reformed Perspective. 

Seventh-Grade Core Curriculum:

  • Language Arts
  • World History
  • Life Science
  • Math - Math 7, Pre-Algebra, or Algebra (placement test required)  

Eighth-Grade Core Curriculum:

  • Language Arts
  • US History
  • Physical Science
  • Math - Pre-Algebra, Algebra, or Geometry

Students must also take PE, Bible courses, Art 7, and a music course. The music course can be in band, orchestra, choir, guitar, or music appreciation. 

Academic Support:

We understand that some of our students need extra help with the curriculum. Academic Support is a K-12 program designed to help all students access a positive and rewarding educational experience. Most students in the program 7th-12th have a 504 Plan of Classroom Accommodations. The goal is to assist and encourage students to meet their academic potential.