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    Valley Christian Schools (VCS) is committed to educating “each unique student in cooperation with the Christian community so that he or she is equipped and inspired to make a difference for Jesus Christ in the world.” (VCS Mission Statement). Making “a difference” today and in the future includes being not only knowledgeable and skilled in technology, but also being able to ask related discerning questions and provide Biblically-based answers. God has blessed VCS with a strong technology program, led by an exceptional technology staff. We believe now is the time to put learning technology into the hands of every student.

    In September 2012, Valley Christian Schools implemented an iPad 1-to-1 Program for the 7th and 8th grades. In September 2015, the program is entering into its fourth year. All 7th - 12th grade students have iPads and we are excited about all of the changes and improvements that are being implemented this year.

    This program has four key parts:

    1. Student resources: Students have access to an amazing multi-media “encyclopedia” accessible anytime and anywhere.
    2. Student productivity: Students have powerful and versatile tools to gather, create, manipulate, and collaborate in their school work.
    3. Teacher resources: Teachers have an extensive toolbox of resources in order to develop lessons and materials.
    4. Management of learning: Assessments, record-keeping, and communication are more transparent, more current, and more comprehensive.

    Forward Thinking

    We have researched successful programs in several other countries and schools around the United States. We are one of the few in Southern California have a program in place now, though many others, if not most, will follow. Early results show that dramatic educational improvement is accomplished via iPads for students who are either struggling or are advanced and want more depth and breadth in learning.

    The start-up costs for this program, particularly the training and infrastructure, were obtained by the enormous generosity of our extended Valley Christian community. The other costs include the iPad itself, and its program services. Our research shows the most effective plan is for the student to own his or her iPad and be able to take it home and to high school or college with them.

    iPad Learning Program and Costs

    The major VCS iPad Learning Program elements are below, for details refer to the program details page:

    You Own the iPad. Every student purchases their own iPad through the school. We have carefully worked several purchasing options, and our lowest cost lease-to-own plans start at less than $50/month. We anticipate any iPad purchased through the school to have a life-expectancy of three years.

    Equal Access for All. All students have the same technology available to them to complete all necessary school work.

    Cost Savings Downrange. We are still exploring all the evidence, but other programs who have adopted iPads have experienced cost savings through less expensive digital textbooks, less printing costs, and the wide spread use of creative and collaborative applications in each area of study. 

Last Modified on November 17, 2015