1:1 iPad Program

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    Valley Christian Schools (VCS) is committed to educating “each unique student in cooperation with the Christian community so that he or she is equipped and inspired to make a difference for Jesus Christ in the world.” (VCS Mission Statement). Making “a difference” today and in the future includes being not only knowledgeable and skilled in technology, but also being able to ask related discerning questions and provide Biblically-based answers. God has blessed VCS with a strong technology program, led by an exceptional technology staff. We believe now is the time to put learning technology into the hands of every student.

    This program has four key parts:

    1. Student resources: Students have access to an amazing multi-media “encyclopedia” accessible anytime and anywhere.
    2. Student productivity: Students have powerful and versatile tools to gather, create, manipulate, and collaborate in their school work.
    3. Teacher resources: Teachers have an extensive toolbox of resources in order to develop lessons and materials.
    4. Management of learning: Assessments, record-keeping, and communication are more transparent, more current, and more comprehensive.

    One of the adopted goals of the Valley Christian Schools Board of Directors is to develop the skills our students need to be equipped to live and work in the 21st century. With the amount of information doubling every five years, student success requires that they develop skills to understand how to access and, with Biblical discernment, use these volumes of new information. Accessible technology, such as iPads, individualize learning so that students expand their knowledge and enhance their skills in math, reading, history, and science, as well as in many other subjects.

    Students also need to master digital tools to creatively and responsibly solve new problems while having access to learning resources that expand the schoolhouse walls and make the world their classroom. Previously, our students accessed computers at school 25 to 45 minutes per week. iPads have allowed greater access for deeper thinking and expanded learning opportunities and we believe iPads provide our students with consistent access to wonderful learning resources.

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Last Modified on September 8, 2022