Uniform Information

  • Summer Greetings from VC Schools!

    This is revised information about uniforms. We want you to get the full value of your True Grits uniforms (those you own and discounted polos purchase). All True Grits uniforms will be considered approved VC school wear through the end of 2022. 

    We're excited to let you know about the following changes in our Uniform Program:

    Dennis Uniform

    Dennis Uniforms First, we’re happy to introduce you to our new uniform supplier, Dennis Uniforms. You'll find below a letter from Dennis and a flier announcing their 15% off sale days (in-store or online) for Valley Christian families. Dennis is a well-respected uniform company with plenty of experience and a nationwide presence. They are able to supply our needs for VCS polosand will continue to supply our exclusive VC plaid. Known for great customer service and in-store inventory maintenance, they come to us with great reviews from a range of schools in the Southern California area. Additionally, they will offer polos and a new variety of uniform shirts, skirts, skorts, shorts, and pants. You may find they have different names for colors, like our Middle School grey polo color is called ash, but they are consistent with our look and requirements. Additionally, some polos come in both unisex and girl cut. Pique and jersey options are available for some styles. Many of the girls skirts are actually skorts with built in shorts. Everything in the VCS online catalogue provided by Dennis is approved for VC school wear. A bonus for our youngest girls, TK - 2nd grade is the jumper (or shift) shirt is now made of jersey material for a softer feel.
    There are several ways to buy Dennis Uniform product: in-store, by phone and online. Dennis will offer sale days through the year. We’ll be interested to hear about your experience with their team and their product. They are committed to delivering an excellent experience in store or online. Shop the Dennis Uniform store.

    True Grits Products 

    While we have had a long relationship with True Grits, our Parent Survey let us know that it was time to either improve on True Grits service or end our relationship with them. Our decision to end the contract came just before they announced several changes within their company. They have changed their name to Parker Uniforms and will not carry VCS product. Because of this change, we were able to procure the remaining VCS polo inventory at a low cost which our Parent Association will pass on to you at our POLO FLASH SALE and our POP UP STORE IN THE CHAPEL. All True Grits clothing will be approved VC school wear through the end of 2022. If we need to extend we will consider at that time.

    Elementary School - Students may continue to wear French Toast brand bottoms in khaki and navy blue. More details can be found here.

    Middle & High School - Students may continue to purchase and wear Dickies brand shorts and long pants in black or khaki.

    Please watch the website for additional information -- including the link to the Dennis Uniform online store when it goes live July 17.

    Uniform Changes for 2016-17 (pdf) - Please download and read through the uniform changes for the 
    2016-17 school year. A
    dditional brands (outlined in this pdf) for uniform bottoms will be accepted at all campuses; 
    and approved Sport, Club and activity polos (not dri-fit Tshirts) will be acceptable as 
    optional daily wear for high school students.
    Used Uniforms  - Used True Grits uniforms are available at the end of summer sale held at our campus or through the Affordable Treasures thrift store located at 17829 S Bellflower Ave, south of the 91 Freeway between Cedar St. and Rose St.  562/866-0060
    With the change in uniform suppliers, we will continue to allow True Grits uniforms to be worn through the end of 2019. You may continue to purchase at Affordable Treasures. More information about the yearly Used Uniform Sale
    White VCS Polo Shirts and VCS Sweatshirts available from VCS Parents’ Association. Parents’ Association VCS T-shirts, sweatshirts and white polo shirts are sold at the school events above. We will also hold sales during the school year in the High School Building B, room 23. Contact PAsales@vcschools.org for more information. All proceeds of Parents’ Association clothing sales go directly back to the school. 
    Elementary School Guidelines - T-shirts and Sweatshirts from Valley Christian Schools Parents’ Association and VCS Boosters Association, and white Polo shirts are acceptable for elementary students to wear as an option to the True Grits uniforms tops. Students are required to wear the maroon polo shirt on Mondays for chapel and on school field trips unless the school announces otherwise. Uniform guidelines and dress code policy are available on the Parent Student Handbook
    Middle School Guidelines - White polos and sweatshirts from Valley Christian Schools Parents’ Association are acceptable for middle school students to wear as an option to the uniforms tops. (Maroon, white, and grey are acceptable polo colors for middle school students). Specific uniform guidelines for the middle school are available in the student handbook.
    High School Guidelines - White polos and sweatshirts from Valley Christian Schools Parents’ Association are acceptable for high school students to wear as an option to the uniforms tops. (Maroon, white, and black are acceptable polo colors for high school students.) Specific uniform guidelines for the high school are available in the student planner.
Last Modified on August 30, 2017