Setting Up Your iPad at Home

  • If you already received your iPad because you ordered and recieved it early or because you have a "bring your own" iPad and it's been setup by a member of the tech team you do not need to follow these instructions. These instructions are for parents/students who have ordered the iPad from the school and have picked it up (along with setup instructions). These instructions are the same as the paper instructions provided along with the iPad.

    Here is a video that demonstrates this process. You can follow this video and/or use the instructions below the video. 

    Quick Setup: Use the steps below to quickly set up your iPad.

    1. Carefully open the package and place the Asset Tag sticker on the back of the iPad.
    2. Turn on the iPad and connect to your home WiFi.
    3. Follow the on-screen instructions. Choose to setup Manually (not Quickstart). Once setup is completed, some Apps will automatically load onto your iPad.
    4. When the VCS Connect app is loaded, sign in with your username and password.
    5. Setup Email - Open Settings app > Passwords & Accounts (left) > Tap your Name (under accounts) > Tap Re-enter Password and enter your password.
    6. When the Manager app is installed, open and choose Ok, or Yes to the prompts.
    7. In the Manager app are other apps that you can install or update as needed (note: there is no App store).
      1. Install and open the PowerSchool app ... use "KNRJ" for the district code.
      2. Install and open the Student Canvas app ... use "vcschools" to connect to our school server.

    If you run into any issues during the setup process please contact us at

Last Modified on July 29, 2020