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Common Sense Certified

This year, Valley Christian Schools has become one of eight California school districts to become “Common Sense Certified,” which means we met all of the requirements for teaching our students how to be safe and responsible digital citizens. The elementary school, middle school, and the high school all received individual certifications as well as 68 teachers who facilitated lessons in the fall. Our reasons for implementing this curriculum:

  1. Technology is part of our students’ daily lives at school as our elementary students use iPads and Chromebooks on a daily basis and we have a 1:1 iPad program in 7th grade and up.  
  2. Our students are familiar and comfortable with technology, but many are not aware of the potential dangers and pitfalls awaiting them.
  3. We want to provide an environment that promotes the safe and responsible use of technology. Our students need opportunities to make mistakes at school so that they will later be able to make better decisions independently.
  4. Students need mentors to help them navigate, to model critical thinking, and to facilitate discussions in order to further develop a Christian worldview within the context of a digital reality.

It is a tremendous responsibility to make sure our students are prepared for the digital world that surrounds them. It is a responsibility that we all share. As educators, parents, or supporters, let’s be mindful of how we model our own use of technology. Our kids are always watching and often will imitate what they see. Together, let’s do our best to prepare students to be safe and responsible users of technology.

For more information about Common Sense Media and the curriculum we use, visit

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John Evenhouse