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Dennis Uniforms

First, we’re happy to introduce you to our new uniform supplier, Dennis Uniforms. You'll find below a letter from Dennis and a flier announcing their 15% off sale days (in-store or online) for Valley Christian families. Dennis is a well-respected uniform company with plenty of experience and a nationwide presence. They are able to supply our needs for VCS polos and will continue to supply our exclusive VC plaid. Known for great customer service and in-store inventory maintenance, they come to us with great reviews from a range of schools in the Southern California area. Additionally, they will offer polos and a new variety of uniform shirts, skirts, skorts, shorts, and pants. You may find they have different names for colors, like our Middle School grey polo color is called ash, but they are consistent with our look and requirements. Additionally, some polos come in both unisex and girl cut. Pique and jersey options are available for some styles. Many of the girls skirts are actually skorts with built in shorts. Everything in the VCS online catalogue provided by Dennis is approved for VC school wear. A bonus for our youngest girls, TK - 2nd grade is the jumper (or shift) shirt is now made of jersey material for a softer feel.
There are several ways to buy Dennis Uniform product: in-store, by phone and online. Dennis will offer sale days through the year. We’ll be interested to hear about your experience with their team and their product. They are committed to delivering an excellent experience in store or online. Shop the Dennis Uniform store.
Dennis Uniform Flier regarding VC Sale Days (the uniforms displayed in this photo are not VCS uniforms, we will continue with our school uniform colors)
Dennis Uniform Online Store

Click on the image above to visit the online store.
Vicki Gelberg